A Sunkissed Transformation >>


Case Study

Challenge Breathe new life into a tired, nondescript kitchen by streamlining the workflow and enhancing its visual appeal—without giving up any storage space.

Solution Move the range to the exterior wall, adding a ventilation hood and mosaic tile backsplash. Transform the interior wall by installing tall pantry cabinets with roll-out shelves; relocate the refrigerator, TV, and microwave to this wall.

Keep the sink and dishwasher in their original locations on the exterior wall, but introduce a tall, pull-out pantry that caps the row of cabinets here. Lose the awkward walk-in pantry and turn that end of the kitchen into an accent wall for the owners’ artwork.

 Brighten the space by mixing cabinet styles, applying a fresh coat of paint, and installing under-cabinet lighting.

Results The final look of this reinvigorated kitchen is fresh and contemporary, with soft, inviting colors and enough room for two cooks to work without getting in each other’s way. The tasteful combination of cabinet styles adds to the kitchen’s transitional feel, while the neutral color scheme works to showcase the owners’ extensive art collection.

 The new design takes full advantage of the existing skylights and abundant window area such that it almost seems to generate its own light.