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Case Study

Challenge Lighten up the existing bathroom and separate it from the master closet. Upgrade to high-quality, durable materials. Share the space with two cats. Provide a place to apply makeup. Add a touch of the homeowners’ aesthetic.

Solution Give the master closet a new door and assign it its own space. Build in a new vanity with a side opening to accommodate/hide the cat box. Line the cabinet bottom and sides with a high-quality laminate for easy cleanup.

Results The new custom cherry vanity ties in beautifully with the home’s traditional style, but an airship-themed custom backsplash and tiled shower insert speak to the owners’ fondness for steampunk.

Opening up the previously enclosed shower with a sliding glass door brings dimension and depth to the room. New recessed lighting provides warmth, while the surface-mount crystal pendant adds a touch of elegance.

And unless you look for the cat box, you don’t know it’s there.