<< Light and Airy Whidbey Kitchen >>


Case Study

Challenge Recreate a dark, outdated kitchen to be more in keeping with the beautiful house and location. Introduce light and warmth to the space. Accommodate a more natural kitchen workflow.

Solution Brighten the perimeter with white-painted cabinets and a finely veined white quartz countertop. Tie these elements into the gray-painted island using marble subway tile that
accents both and adds warm gold hues to the room.

Lose the dark double oven that was blocking light from an existing stained-glass window.
Reconfigure the space to allow free-flowing movement around an enlarged center island that is
more to scale.

Results The transition from shadowy, awkward space to light and inviting kitchen is dramatic
and brings a breath of fresh air to the entire house. The stained-glass window, lost in the
previous layout, is now showcased and complemented by glass cabinet doors.
Light and warmth radiate from every direction, and the redesigned island supports the owner’s
love of baking with a built-in “bake center.”