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Case Study

Challenge Recreate a cramped, cluttered master bathroom to provide a more relaxed, meditative atmosphere conducive to peaceful moments away from the busy world.

Solution Start by “borrowing” space from the adjacent bedroom to enlarge the bath by 30%. Add a larger vanity cabinet with drawer banks on both sides of the sink to help contain the clutter while adding to the room’s open space.

Mirror the vanity space with a tall armoire for storage of towels and all other bathroom essentials. Install a long, dual-purpose bench next to the linen cabinet that extends into the shower; it serves as a place to sit and shave legs while in the shower, or relax and dry off after getting out.

Results Mission accomplished. The new space feels light, airy, and open, exuding a relaxed sophistication in tune with the owner’s desire. The high-grade materials used in this renovation really up the wow! factor, particularly the gorgeous tile accent on the rear shower wall—the first thing you see upon entering the room.

New dark wood cabinets, porcelain countertop and bench, and elegant white walls complement the shower accent tile to complete the transformation.