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Case Study

Challenge Redesign and upgrade this small master bathroom to reflect the homeowner’s sense of style while enhancing its visual appeal.

Solution Replace the original acrylic, one-piece shower with a tiled, walk-in shower—incorporating two separate tiles from two distinct lines per the owner’s fancy. Replace the original marble floor, stained grout and all, with Statements Modern Porcelain Grey 12x24—cutting the tiles in half and laying them in a 1/3-offset running bond.

Introduce an aqua-colored, two-drawer sink vanity and paint the walls a soft, contrasting yellow.

Results By artfully combining two separate tile styles for the shower wall to create a simulated waterfall effect, we brought a distinctive, “one-off” appeal to the redesigned room—without overdoing the effect. The white tile floor anchors the shower space and helps keep the room from being swallowed in gray.

The custom tile floor makes this small space feel larger and manages to complement—not compete with—the shower tile work, while the new vanity/washbasin-sink unit and repainted walls add a welcome touch of warmth.