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Case Study

Challenge Reimagine an outdated, poorly designed bathroom that featured a carpeted floor and an oversized tub deck that infringed on the shower.

 Solution Unify the room with a white “wave” tile that wraps around the walls and reflects light into the space. Replace the carpet with a heated tile floor laid in a rough boardwalk pattern; pick up these tones in the wooden frames of two new mirrors.

 Replace the oversized tub deck with a deep soaking tub. Expand the shower and introduce fixtures more in scale with the room.

 Results No longer cramped and dim, the remodeled bathroom feels open, light, and inviting. The repainted cabinets create a summery ambience, softening the new quartz countertop and anchoring the mosaic glass tile in the backsplash and wall inserts.

 This interplay of light, color, and texture evokes fond images of beach and boardwalk, just as the owners wanted.